• It is suggested to download and play all the Carltons chronicles Episodes
    Start from Carltons chronicles Episode 1 and play all the episodes that
    are currently available

    1 day ago
  • @tjl_0
    Hi, Yes that"s right in Carltons chronicles episode 1 or 2
    you can choose to be a full time Taxi driver or follow the
    episode story or both.

    How to complete the episode?
    To complete the episode you must follow the episode story line and
    Ignore the popup box in the top left hand corner of the game screen
    offering Taxi jobs.

    How to play as a Taxi driver only?
    When you load Carltons chronicles Ep 1 or 2 and get in the Taxi
    featured in the episode a popup box in the top left hand corner
    of the screen appears to offer you Taxi jobs to accept it press E
    on your keyboard then just wait for another one to be offered

    How to play the episode story and accept Taxi jobs too?
    Follow the episode story and accept Taxi jobs when you want.

    Thanks for your feed back
    All feedback is welcome

    5 days ago
  • @skeeze415 Hi, We are very soon, it will be a video of the seasons episodes
    without giving too much away Thanks for your interest & feedback
    I noticed you do some real good GTA V Youtube tutorials Skeeze415

    5 days ago
  • Carltons chronicles 2024 are Episodes/missions for GTA V
    to Play on PC Offline Enjoy! More coming soon

    6 days ago
  • We are releasing Mafia Cartel Mission
    by Battlemania GTA V at GTA5-Mods.com
    on 23/11/2023
    It has gone through it's final Beta testing.
    It is full of explosive action, fast car
    chases and a good story line and we get a
    first peep introduction of a new
    super villain of Los Santos near the end
    of the mission who will be featuring in new
    upcoming episodes that will soon
    be coming to GTA5-mods.

    New releases?

    The new releases will be called
    episodes instead of missions because
    there are multiple missions rolled into 1.
    If you play Mafia Cartel Mission you will
    see 1hr+ of game play.

    New release 2024?

    Carlton's Chronicles are the name of the new
    episodes that will be released for GTA V
    by Battlemania Missions GTA V and will
    be available to download and play on
    PC offline.
    We are expecting to start releasing them
    some time in December 2023 or early
    2024 at www.avoiraudio.com then shortly
    after they will be available at GTA5-mods.com
    At first sight the new episodes look
    amazing with good story lines no loading
    times new vehicle appearances
    super villains and much more.
    If Mafia Cartel mission is something
    to go by then the new episodes will bring
    a lot of enjoyment to GTA V gamers.

    November 19, 2023
  • @Nguyen Quang Try our latest release
    here on GTA5 Mods called (Subway express 2)
    It is full of action again hope you enjoy.
    We will be releasing more GTA V missions here too.
    Some of our Battlemania GTA V missions here on
    GTA5 mods have 15+ missions rolled into one with no
    load times so the missions take a while to develop.
    Leave any mission suggestions in our comments area.
    Thanks for your feedback any feedback is welcome because it
    helps us understand what type of games/missions people would
    like to see and play.

    November 15, 2023
  • @Meduzo4ka Thanks Meduzo4ka

    November 15, 2023
  • @Meduzo4ka Hey thanks for the feedback, If you like our Battlemania Missions with plenty of action stay tuned more will be released soon.

    November 15, 2023
  • @coremax2016 Hey thanks, we will upload Party on the Ocean mission today. thanks for your feedback, battlemania has released a few missions with us I think around 6 now, word is they are developing much larger missions for offline PC gamers in the future to enjoy so any feedback from GTA V PC gamers is welcome. The discussion forum is a little quiet here would be nice to see what gamers would like to see, if they liked Airport attack thats good we did too.

    April 24, 2023
  • @ReNNie Hi Rennie, I'm new here, luckily uploaded with not many mistakes phew You have corrected category and descriptions here thanks. For GTA V missions which is the best Category? What can I do to Improve our titles here in the future?

    April 13, 2023