Prior to filling out the Application Form please note the following:

– You must be at least 18 years old (younger students should be accompanied by adults)
– The application fee is 100 euros  and is not refundable
– You must accept terms and conditions of the Application Form
– You must be covered by a health insurance policy that is valid in France
– Insuring your instrument is advised

Masterclass fee: 1200 euros
Application fee: 100 euros

In the Application Form you will receive all necessary information related to the bank transfer. All bank transfer fees are payed by the participant.

Please note that the fee of 1200 euros covers tuition, room and board, plus local transportation for sightseeing. It does not include the cost of your travel to Bussy le Grand, bank transfer fee  (if applicable), meals taken outside of the masterclass premises, or any additional incidental expenses. 

Terms of payment
Within 10 days after receiving the acceptance notice, a payment of 50% of the participation fee is required (600 euros).
The remaining balance (600 euros) is payable on, or before June 4,  2017.
In the event that either of such payment is not timely received, we reserve the right to cancel your participation in the Schreiber Violin Masterclass and to retain definitely any amount previously paid.

Means of payment
Only bank transfers will be accepted.  You should be sure to provide your bank with all the information and transfer details which you will receive with the Application Form.   If your bank should request any further information, please let us know immediately and we will provide it.

Refund policy
The application fee is not refundable
Tuition,  room and board fee are refundable only upon written (E-mail) notification of cancellation by the students as follows:
– on, or before  June 15,  2017: 50%
– after June 15,  2017 no refund will be possible

There are four bedrooms in the house, two full bathrooms, a shower and three water closets. Some rooms have double beds, some single beds. Unless specified needs or wishes  are expressed in a timely manner students will be allocated in order of inscription.
If a student wants to be accompanied by parents or a partner, arrangements can be made provided we receive your request well in advance.

How to get to Bussy le Grand
By car – the address is : 1, rue des Connets,  21150 Bussy le Grand
By train – there are two stations where we can pick you up :
– Les Laumes  Alesia (a slower train “Ter” from Gare de Bercy in Paris)
– Montbard (TGV from Gare de Lyon in Paris)
To get to the train stations in Paris from the airport you should take RER B (local train)

Let us know when do you plan to arrive and we will do our best to assist you.